Water Castle

  • Castle designed in smart modules
  • Includes different water games such as interactive fountains, dumping buckets, geysers, jets, showers or curtains
  • Supplied on light full and bright colors
  • Possibility of theming your splash castle

Parkn'Play offers, besides the usual children's games, a great variety of games in the water as it should be in a waterpark. This splash castle is designed in modules, allowing their combination to set games in different shapes and sizes. These towers are joined by means of bridges and walkways, providing access to various elements such as slides or ramps. It is possible to give place to different water games such as jets, showers or curtains. Optionally, it can be provided with a bucket in the top, which is refilled timely splashing over to the surrounding children. Available in any packages.

3D views

Update : 05/03/2021 10:52:50