The decoration is one of the major axis of Parkn'play. Today, we do not conceive any more only leisure parks but venues of choice.

These destinations are based on a creative work conceived to develop a theme for your structure (Ancient Rome, Atlantis, Indiana Jones).

The purpose of a theme park? To lead you to universal, varied and original universes.

Everything is possible, from simple decorations (sculptures, artificial cliffs, covering facade, rocks, central waterfall, curtains of water.) to the complete theme park for a leisure park or a water park.

The possible decorations

We work any kind of reliefs as the rock, the ground, the bricks, the stone appearance. All the sizes are possible.

Sculptures of animals

Any kind of existing or imaginary animals can be realized by our team of artists-sculptors !

For example: giraffes, rhinoceros, elephants, sharks, dolphins...

Fountains, effects of water and light

We conceive custom-made fontains, effects of water and lights according to your inspiration. Fountains can naturally become integrated into every type of theme. Everything is possible!

Among others, we propose you fountains in pounds, dry fountains, waterbody, inland fountains...

Update : 05/03/2021 10:52:50