Original playgrounds

Playgrounds are real assets for the good development of the child. So, Parkn'play pays attention to the evolution of the children playgrounds towards thematized playgrounds (pirates, fantastic boats, magic). Indeed, these allow the children to get their imagination work. Their awakening and their motricity are just stimulated as their socialization.

Parkn'play proposes various types of playgrounds according to the age of the child.

Children playgrounds for 2-5 years old

Playgrounds for 2-5 years fit in several recreational activities (to climb, to slide, to rise, to come down… ) which are practised in complete safety. Swings, merry-go-rounds, slides can be also added or envisaged in an individual way.

Children playgrounds for 4-10 years old

From 4 years old, playgrounds fit in new activities as role plays, climbing and adventure courses.

Children playgrounds for 7-14 years old

Teens need to distance themselves from their younger brothers and sisters by adopting activities which include physical effort and amusement.The climbing games (pyramid, dome with ropes) answer to this very particular request.

Update : 05/03/2021 10:52:50